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Bradford Space is a world-beating space systems group building non-toxic propulsion, space station facilities, deep space missions, and attitude control systems. Located in the U.S. (California), the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg, Bradford Space has a global presence. In July of 2017, Bradford acquired ECAPS, otherwise known as Ecological Advanced Propulsion Systems, marking a major expansion into non-toxic propulsion systems. In 2018, Bradford expanded its reach by acquiring Deep Space Industries, establishing a presence in Silicon Valley, and expanding into the realm of deep space missions and water-based propulsion.



In-house design, engineering, production and test capabilities (electrical and mechanical). View full capabilities.


Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 standards. View full certifications by clicking here.

Founded in 1984

Bradford has been inovating in the space industry for over three decades. Learn about our history.

Space Program Focus

With over 100 launches in space to date, we focus on off-the-shelf solution for satellite and space needs.

Over 75 Employees

The Bradford team consists of the world's top talent in the aerospace field. View career openings.


Design, manufacturing, testing and integration of both HPGP thrusters and complete liquid propulsion systems.

We are ready to handle your specific customer needs.

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