HEERLE, NETHERLANDS - In a transaction that closed June 29th, 2018, Bradford Engineering BV acquired ownership of its facilities in Heerle, The Netherlands. The facilities consist of approximately 2000 m^2 of production, engineering, clean rooms and administrative space in a number of buildings.

The Heerle facility, which was originally designed and built for Bradford's use, was not part of an earlier sale of the company. In acquiring the facility, both the business and the property are being reunited under common ownership, which has been AIAC since its acquisition of Bradford in November 2016.

Said Managing Director Patrick van Put "This is a great milestone for Bradford. With ownership of our property, we are ready for growth and expansion".

The transaction was made possible by a partnership with ING bank, which provided a mortgage for the sale. In addition, ING provided substantial credit facilities to fund growth and expansion of Bradford.