The Mechanically Pumped Fluid Loop is aimed to provide a European Single-Phase Mechanically Pumped Fluid Loop (MPFL), consisting of a Pump Package, By-pass assembly, connectors and coolant fluid, that may be used on future very high-power communication satellites, such as the extended range AlphaBus telecommunications platform.

Alphabus is a new telecommunications satellite platform in the payload DC power range from 12 to 18 kW.


The MPFL subsystem architecture is depicted in the figure below. The payload dissipates its heat into the Payload Heat Exchanger (PHX). The Radiator Heat Exchanger (RHX) provides heat dissipation from the coolant to the external environment. For reliability purposes, both Pump Package and By-Pass assembly are redundant. This redundant design provides the possibility to switch to a redundant Pump and 3-Way valve in case of active branch failure. Maximum use has been made of qualified European off-the-shelf components.

Full Size Characterization Testing

The control algorithm determines the regulation behavior of the 3-way valve, which divides the flow between the Radiator Heat Exchanger (RHX)-branch and the by-pass. Purpose of the Control Algorithm is to control the pump inlet temperature of the Pump Package.

Performance Characteristics