The High Accuracy Pressure Transducer (HAPT) is a piezo-resistive principle based, fully ESA qualified pressure gauging component, for both gaseous or liquid media.

The unit consists of a pressure-sensing element and a dedicated set of electronics, integrated into one compact design. The fully seal-welded sensor housing construction is optimised to enable one generic design for pressure ranges up to 30 barA, with maximum flexibility for adaptation to customer specific requirements. Wetted parts have demonstrated compatibility with all the typical propellants currently in use in spaceflight (hydrazine, MON, MMH, Green Propellant), whereas a qualified joint material enables different materials for fluidic interfaces.

The digital temperature compensation and Smart-electronics allows for accuracies ≤0.05% FS, depending upon the operational temperature range. Auto-compensation compensates drift over lifetime, which strongly enhances EOL accuracy. Higher order polynomials are provided with each unit for output compensation.

Key Advantages:

  • Qualified to GEO applications; full S-Class EEE-parts
  • Unprecedented accuracy and performance
  • Relative measurement principle with automatic compensation for lifetime and radiation drift
  • Flying on AlphaSat CPS and FY4 satellite constellation

Performance Characteristics