Bradford’s Miniaturized Standard Accuracy Pressure Transducer (mini-SAPT) is a piezo-resistive principle based, fully ESA qualified pressure gauging component, both for gaseous or liquid media. The design is based on Bradford’s SAPT which has extensive heritage of 200+ units in space.

The unit consists of a pressure-sensing element and a dedicated set of electronics, integrated into one compact design. The fully seal-welded sensor housing construction is optimized to enable one generic design for pressure ranges from 3 to 320 barA, with maximum flexibility for adaptation to customer specific requirements. Wetted parts have demonstrated compatibility with all the typical propellants currently in use in spaceflight (hydrazine, MON, MMH, LMP-103S), whereas a qualified joint material enables different materials for fluidic interfaces.

The integrated analogue temperature compensation allows for accuracies ≤ 0.3-0.5% FS, depending upon the operational temperature range and data output approximation (Best Fit Straight Line or Polynomial).

Key Advantages:

  • Qualified for telecom/GEO (Hi-Rel EEE parts) applications
  • Excellent performance characteristics
  • High-accuracy calibration traceable to national standards
  • Units delivered for SGEO PSA and CGCS, BepiColombo FCU and Lisa PathFinder
  • Ongoing production heritage of over 70 units

Performance Characteristics