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    Attitude Control
    & Propulsion Systems
    We provide comprehensive industry solutions at the top
    of the global supplier field.
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    Cost effective
    solar system exploration.
    Explorer is designed to do something no spacecraft has done to date:
    use its own propulsion system to go from low Earth orbit to an Earth departure trajectory.
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    smallsat propulsion.
    Comet is a launch-safe and cost-effective electrothermal propulsion system that offers
    the ideal balance of cost and performance.
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    High Performance ECAPS HPGP Green Propulsion
    HPGP provides numerous advantages over hydrazine.
    Increased Performance. Longer life. Greater payload. Lower transport, handling and mission costs.
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    Workspaces Glovebox Technology
    Proven in Space
    Bradford's Workspaces (Gloveboxes) provide a safe working environment for experiments
    being conducted in human crewed spacecrafts and space stations.

Bradford Space by the Numbers

Products in Space

30+ Years Experience

Since our beginning in the Netherlands in 1984, Bradford Space has paved the way in the space engineering field.

Committed to Quality

Bradford Space is committed as a company to deliver products and services to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Four Facilities Globally

Capabilities include production, development and testing in our facilities in the Netherlands, Sweden, New York City, and Luxembourg.

Use in Space

A world-leading space systems group. Propulsion, space station facilities, deep space missions, and attitude control systems.

A world-leading space systems group.

Since 1984, it has been our vision to advance space engineering with economic and qualified solutions in our operating fields. With a long history of satisfaction, Bradford Space will grow and adapt to ongoing technology needs.

Mission Log

Bradford Space has been a crucial part of more than 100 space missions.

We are ready to handle your specific in-space needs.

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